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Exclusive Slab Projects Building and Construction is a Primary Co-Operative business, incorporated in South Africa in 2005 Kelvin Pillay –Owner and Managing Director of the company.

With 22 years' experience working as a project manager at many big companies (such as Group Five, Vlaming, Enza Construction, Heaven Homes, Manhattan Construction Projects; to mention a few), Kelvin decided to start his own business. This project required a lot of time, hard work and dedication. After all the drudgery and difficult labour, the company became established and well recognised, today on the Building & Construction Industry.

Today, Exclusive Slab Projects Building and Construction is a company of excellent workmanship, complete customer satisfaction, and their work is always 100% guaranteed. Kelvin Pillay is fully insured contractor (by Outsurance) and he has references available for the work he has done.

100% professional planning & site services rendered!



VISION: To render our services to the highest standard of professionalism and workmanship and set a benchmark in the Building & Construction Industry. To be a respectable building contractor delivering beyond expectation, always.


MISSION STATEMENT: To create a professionally managed try at rates that are not only competitive but also match the excellent quality workmanship that is our trademark- our name says it all, "Exclusive".


VALUES: Exclusive Slab Projects Building & Construction is committed to the values of transparency, honesty & integrity in all our dealings. We promise to deliver the highest standards of quality and workmanship with particular attention to ensuring that the smallest details are taken care of. Our staffs are all registered and comply with health and safety standards as implemented by the regulator of the construction industry. We do not take shortcuts and never compromise on quality. We offer all our clients peace of mind ensuring that all slabs, building & construction quality is our highest priority.