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How to Travel in Hanoi

Hanoi is one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the entire world. The fascinating city is sprawling in growth and indulgence. Hanoi is full of traffic and pollution. The city has a number of shopping malls and the streets are always crowded with people. You will see many skyscrapers shooting up beside the makeshift huts and limousines winding their way throughout the busy streets. The decadence and extravagance are paired by the havoc and confusion of the masses. The city at the end pulses with energy and the people are very friendly. The air of the fascinating city is completely filled with the aroma of the spices that comes from the street vendors.
Plan Your Trip Well
Before hopping on a plane, you should take out sometime of yours to research Hanoi. You should search for your hotel on the city map of Hanoi and find the corresponding train stop. You should know how to travel in Hanoi properly in order to enjoy your vacation well. The hotels where you are planning to stop will tell you about the attractions that are located nearby.
When you know how to travel in Hanoi well then you will be able to visit the popular destinations of the city. You should select the destinations that you want to visit and then compile a list of it. You can purchase a guidebook to know how to travel in Hanoi. This will be of great help to you as you will be able to locate the attractions of Hanoi that fits well into your trip. You should view the train timetables and transit maps online which are available in the website of Hanoi transit system.
Opt for Taxis
You can walk outside the hotel where you are staying after you have arrived in Hanoi in order to take in the exotic locale. In order to reach to the nearby destinations, you can book taxis which are easily available. A lot of your burden will be reduced when you know how to travel in Hanoi correctly.
You can rent a bicycle if you want to wish to see the sights at your leisurely pace. This is a great alternative to the bustling buses and sky train. Your hotel can help in booking a private transport for you.
Book your Ticket Online
Before heading towards Hanoi you should know how to travel in Hanoi. You can book your tickets using a MasterCard or Visa. The Vietnam Airlines is efficient and user-friendly. You can make your reservations through a travel agent. This is a very good option although it might cost you a bit more. You can get expert opinion from your travel agent while organizing your trip and you can opt for a package deal also. Through a travel agent you can get also Vietnam visa on arrival online comfortably.
You should know how to travel in Hanoi in style. The luxury hotels in Hanoi should be booked by you before you arrive in Hanoi. This is a major thing as the city is on a busy and hectic schedule. The accommodations you book will signify your divine vacation’s idea, whether it is a place of peace and indulgence, haven or an energetic and glitzy chic hotel.
Grand President
If you are planning to extend your stay in this beautiful city then you should search for a five-star Grand President. There the apartments are self-catering and decadent and offers you privacy, independence and several endless amenities. The three buildings boast a very lavish spa and have expert staff in it. While deciding how to travel in Hanoi you should be aware of the places which should not be missed.
If you are looking for pure opulence, it will be a good idea to reserve a book in Apricot. You will surely enjoy your stay in this high-end style five-star hotel. The décor of the hotel is rich and eclectic and the vibe will completely excite you. You can take the pleasure of the gorgeous secluded pool, Jacuzzis and house spa suites. Visit Hanoi during August and December.
You can make your trip a more joyful and exciting experience if you know well how to travel in Hanoi. August and December is the ideal time when you should opt for visiting Hanoi. You can make the most out of your tour by travelling in this city in the correct season. The high prices of tickets should not be a worry for you as there are several websites available which offers cheap flights.
Getting good and delicious food is a major concern when you visit any place. You will surely find food joints in tourists and local guides in Hanoi. You will get to find the tastiest and the best cuisines according to your choice. If you are looking for some less expensive food then you opt for the Vietnamese food that the street vendors offer which are awesome.
Today Hanoi is one of the most attractive and appealing destinations for people from all over the globe. The city will stimulate your senses with the scents, sounds, tastes and sights. Hanoi serves as the country’s social, economic and political center. The mesmerizing designs and colors of the architecture and monuments reflect both contemporary and ancient Indochina. The architecture and monuments reflect preservation of culture as well as the city’s modern growth. The buzzing adventure, exotic cuisine and the monsoon climate will surely charm you.